Types of Landscaping Trees and How to use Them in Your Landscaping Design

Published: 21st January 2010
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One of my favorite aspects of landscaping are landscaping trees. They're so majestic and provide the framework for a design. You can find a wide variety of types of trees to choose from. Each Tree offers its own special places in a design. You may choose a tree for its vibrant flowers. Maybe you love the vast assortment of weeping trees or possible the tree has stunning leaves. And then, of course, there are those trees that offer spectacular fall color. Their size produces a sense of scale while unique features, like flowers, make them extremely striking. Shade trees, evergreen trees, and ornamental trees are the three main categorize of landscaping trees.

Shade trees can be an essential part of most any type of landscaping plan in our area. They provide interest and help to break up big open spaces, they provide shade from the sun, and add maturity and fall color to your yard. Often times they will be used as a specimen in the lawn, but they work great in other areas as well. Such as: Place the tree near a patio, terrace, deck, or anywhere to provide relief from the sun or use them to produce an interesting contrast between light and dark within the garden. One of my favorite locations to use shade trees is along a long driveway; absolutely nothing adds interest and composition to a long driveway like a stately row of Maple Trees or Aristocrat Pear Trees.

Evergreen trees have great features and uses in the landscape. When winter arrives, it's good to have them in the landscape. Even in the coldest days of winter when everything else is dead, the evergreens still look great. And snow on the branches creates a lovely scene. Evergreens can form among the best backgrounds for other plants. They will make the flowers, textures, berries and leaves of ornamental trees and shrubs to jump out. Just imagine a mass of Red Twig Dogwood, with their winter time red stems, in front of the dark green trees. Evergreens are an essential part of any landscape design, especially in the northern states as they help give winter color and life to your yard. They may be used as a screening alongside a property border to obstruct a view or establish privacy. When using them for screening, a staggered line is much more fascinating when compared with a straight one. You can actually plant evergreen trees a lot closer than their mature size might allow for; as they grow, they are going to fit the space. I often space them ten to fifteen feet apart. Evergreen trees may also be placed within the landscape as a focal point. The location might be in the backyard to help offer a backdrop and frame the house. A small evergreen tree will often look good positioned as a focal point at the corners of the house.

I consider ornamental trees to either be flowering trees or to possess some other unique feature, such as intriguing bark. Additionally, these trees tend to be small compared to shade trees. You will find a lot of fantastic uses for ornamental trees. These landscape trees can be used at house corners or close to the front door. It is very welcoming to approach the front door and walk near a stunning tree. Ornamental trees work extremely well as the entrance of a driveway or as a interesting accent to a flower bed. When creating plantings for privacy, they can be used in front of evergreen trees as a focal point. Multi stemmed ornamental trees can be used for privacy by themselves. These trees have numerous stems or trunks emerging from the ground, rather than a single trunk. Ornamental trees are lovely near a patio or near a water feature. Birch trees are one more tree that tends to look great alongside a water feature. Some of my favorite ornamental trees are Lilacs such as; the Japanese Lilac, China Snow Lilac, and the Dwarf Korean Lilac - also Thornless Hawthorns are very interesting ornamentals with their unique branching structure and the bright red berries that hang onto the tree into the winter. Other interesting trees include the weeping cherry and the weeping mulberry tree, there are really so many different varieties that I could go on for days - this is just one of the many reasons trees are so interesting to me.

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